Bellerín already negotiating with Arsenal renewal

Arsenal are unwilling to leave the gunner Hector Bellerín discipline this summer. The set of Arsene Wenger, conscious of the many proposals that handles the young side of the Barça-among them, already held the first official contacts with the environment footballer to finalize as soon as possible the conditions of contract extension and improvement.

Richard Law, one of the leading executives in the sports area, has conveyed to Agent Bellerín, Albert Botines, the bases of the proposal Arsenal. The intention of the English club is to apply a significant economic increase, which would equate to other young stars of the workforce, in addition to insist on the need to extend the contract duration.

In principle, Hector has a contract until 2019 and will Arsenal would extend it a couple more seasons.
Law does not want to take more account negotiations. Market rumors are constant and several of the big clubs in Europe seeking to walk side offensive-minded youth rights, just Bellerín profile. In addition to the club after the departure of Alves, teams like PSG also seek over from Van der Wiel.
Arsenal’s desire is to close the right end of Euro trading.

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