Jamie Vardy – close to Arsenal

Jamie Vardy and Team Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, met in London to discuss the contract that the team from the capital of England and it proposes scorers in the Premier League. Leicester City striker had a face to face discussion with the manager Londoners Friday morning after the friendly match England – Portugal after Arsenal Player enabled transfer clause and can thus bear direct talks with it.

Wenger wants to solve the transfer of football for 29 years until the start of EURO 2016 after coach Roy Hodgson has announced that it will not allow any agent to enter the cantonment England from France and he wants footballers of his to be concentrated hundred percent matches the final tournament.

Leicester City’s coach, Claudio Ranieri admitted he is aware of the negotiations between Arsenal and Vardy. If Wenger will convince Vardy, then Arsenal will pay 22 million pounds for the Premier League’s top scorer last edition.

Vardy’s former club will benefit from this transaction following: Fleetwood will receive £ 6.8 million if Maradona will arrive at Arsenal! Two other important teams in the Premier League have announced their interest in the player champions England: Liverpool and Manchester United.

Note that, behind with less than six years Vardy league play still 8th in England for Stocksbridge Park Steels, the team that win £ 30 per week, or about 150 euros per month. In parallel, in order to maintain, Vardy work in a factory in Sheffield. He was then 23 years old and probably already given up the dream of becoming a top footballer. More pleasure in sport.

But following successive transfers to Halifax Town and Fleetwood, teams from higher leagues, but all the English amateur football. But Vardy score every game and Leicester City in 2012, then in the Championship, decided to pay a million pounds for his transfer.

A record amount remaining until now, paid for a player who still play a minute at a professional level. And the rest is history. Vardy has helped Leicester City to promote, resist the first year in the Premier League, and at the end of this season to win the title!

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