“I’m happy for him!” Wenger has praised Arsenal star as a “fight for the Golden Ball,” though not on the list!

France Football, the only organizer of the gala will be awarded the Golden Ball after the conclusion of the partnership with FIFA, has taken some controversial decisions in the composition of lists of 30 players who can be voted for the big chains.

Probably the most affected team is Arsenal, the one where 2 players can evolve deserved to be on the list: Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez. But none are among the nominees. This has not been found but Arsene Wenger and manager, who congratulated him on German midfielder for performance!

“Certainly there is a great satisfaction petnru him and for us, too, but are against the trophy because they get into the head of players. I’ve seen many players who think only lei themselves because they were obsessed with the Ballon and not performance team and I think football is a team sport and we live in a world however is a completely individualized.

We aim to respect football, who is primarily a collective effort. Of course, encourage and congratulate the players who are doing well and are happy for this, “said Wenger, quoted by the Daily Mail.

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