Moti has become the target of ridicule on the net: “It was sent for milk and bread!” What does it say about the quarterback’s brilliant play Ozil

Cosmin Moti had a nightmare match with Arsenal in the Champions League.

Sofia Ludogorets led Arsenal 2-0 in the 15th minute, following his successes Cafu and Keseru. On the first goal, Moti was on stage and could even mark, fellow Brazilian but I took it back and put the ball in the net.

Moti was involved but also in play which made the winning goal for Arsenal. In 88 minutes it was 2-2, and escaped Ozil put Bulgarians went to meet outside the box. Ozil crossed elegant ball over the goalkeeper and in the meantime, Moti and a colleague or hit him up on the player’s Arsenal. It has stiffed him on both players from Ludogorets and put the ball in the net, managed to bring victory to Arsenal.

He said Moti was disappointed after the match result.

“It was the beginning beautiful, end disappointing. I was disappointed in the end. It’s hard, it hurts, I think I deserved more from the match last night. Now what to do, we can not turn time. We made a very good match, but stick with the joy of playing on an equal footing with Arsenal. it’s painful what happened to his goal Ozil, I think 99% of the defenders would have done the same thing. I do not know what to do. Arsenal is a very good team, I felt our skin from the first leg in London. it’s a great team that passes a lot, atypical against English teams.

Claudiu is disappointed, like any normal player who loses a call should be disappointed. But he does his job very well and so is right. Waiting to be summoned, “said Moti.

Moti also became the target of ridicule on the Internet. “Defenders were sent to the store for milk or bread,” the British after his success is having Ozil, proposed the goal of the year in the Champions League.

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