“There were four seconds of mercato!” Putin has blocked a Transfer until the last moment! What happened in the end

Story transfer of Andrey Arshavin at Arsenal was approved by Vladimir Putin.

Agent Jon Smith gave an interview to the Oxford Union in which he revealed the story of the transfer of Andrey Arshavin from Zenit St Petersburg to Arsenal. The agent told the story after he was asked: “What were the most difficult negotiations in which you took part?”

At the time, Smith was the manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, in negotiations for the transfer of Arshavin. Zenit, the club which evolve striker was owned by Gazprom, who answer directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Smith says that negotiate directly with the CEO of Gazprom, but it “accountable to someone else.” Zenit then refused all offers of Arsenal, not wanting to receive more than 15 million pounds, the sum was rated Arshavin.

Eventually, Arsenal had to pay the sum demanded by Zenit and made it with just 4 seconds before the end of the winter transfer period in 2009. The deal was confirmed barely 24 hours after completion of transfers. Arshavin played at Arsenal until the summer of 2013, after which he returned to Zenit free agent.

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